Erotic Art


Varsity Station

"There you are… I'm really glad you joined me here… This is a dangerous site where young women like me ended being eaten by monsters from your darkest dreams… Do you really want to take a look inside? I'll do it if you'll come with me… Just be ready to run… You wouldn't want to see some creature eat me would you? shivers at the look in your eyes I… think we'd better make this a quick look…

Vorister has a twisted imagination that gives life to his vore site. This is a mega huge site with so much to see you'll wonder if you'll ever see all of it. These comics are filled with cute girls getting eaten by everything from giant worms to huge lizards and snakes. Many of the comics have several chapters to keep you reading. In 'The Reporter', you're taken to a park where there's a giant worm on display to the public. As the reporter watches, a naked young woman comes up on the place where the worm is kept. She has no idea she's getting ready to become worm food. As you watch, the worm slowly engulfs the sexy lady. The reporter makes commentary on the scene and it's only a little snack for the monster worm. Watch future feedings in continuing chapters.

From bugs to plants, the site has one of the largest collections of pretty women being eaten all for you to watch and enjoy. If you like vore then you'll never get tired of this site. This artist brings you a wide range of creatures and an endless array of cute girls to be eaten. Oh… What was that? I think I'd better go before some monster comes along and eats me… I'll see you again… I hope… bye for now…"


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